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EPIC Performing Company

The mission of EPIC is

to provide high quality dance instruction with unique performance opportunities in a healthy and fun environment.

EPIC was founded in the fall of 2016 and began small with simple community outreach performances.  Now moving into their sixth year, EPIC has become a nonprofit performing company that includes an annual Holiday Showcase, a competition team, and performers that continue to give back to their community.  In the summer of 2022, EPIC traveled to Disney World to be a part of the Disney Youth Performing Arts Program.  We are always looking for new and exciting performance opportunities for our dancers.

General Information

There is an annual $125 membership fee. Payment is required by the first rehearsal. Payment covers time, instruction, and costuming. Additional fees may apply.

Commitment runs August through August, just like any other extra curricular activity. Commitment is crucial to the ongoing success of the company.

For additional information, please download and read through the EPIC Handbook.



Dancers must take at least one ballet class per week at En Pointe (you do not have to perform in recital)​.

Performance in the Holiday Showcase is mandatory.

Thursday Company rehearsal is mandatory and dancers must attend September/October Saturday rehearsals.

Dancers must be placed in a Level 2 class or higher.

Dancers must attend as many outreach programs as possible.

Dancers are expected to have high attendance in their classes

Performance Opportunities

We will do our best to present our performers with a calendar as the events come in. 

EPIC dancers will perform at local community events, festivals, and fundraisers.

EPIC dancers will specific routines to perform at the annual Winter Showcase and Recital.

Along with En Pointe Studio, EPIC will have EPIC only dance pieces to be performed at conventions and competitions.

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